Tetrisutra – Projection Mapping and Microsite


This is a branding and event package project for the Vancouver Film School covering a fictitious event. This was created in collaboration with myself, Sebastian Astaiza, Jose Escrig,  Nacho Osorio, Lina Maria Plata and Da Eun Jeong.


The premise for the TETRISUTRA party brings together epic vintage nostalgia and a night of fun interactions, great music, drinking and dancing amongst party goers. Upon entering, attendees are stamped with a TETRISUTRA party shape. Throughout the night, the attendees have multiple chances to find their shape-mates. A 3D projector will simultaneously flash two connecting shapes. If attendees with these shapes find one another and make their way to the bar within a 15 minute time frame, they will be rewarded with a free drink.

Live Footage
Site: http://unbouncepages.com/tetrisutra/
Below is the final Logo Design and the landing page layout.