VWFC Women and Girls in Sports logo

This year the Whitecaps FC hosted the first ever Girls and Women in Sports match on August 27th 2022. I was honoured and humbled to have been asked to design this logo as well as all the in stadium motion design. A lot of care and thought went into this logo. First and for most, inclusivity. I designed the logo in pink, white and blue. I wanted to absolute make sure that trans women in sport felt included – because trans women are 100% women too. Secondly I used the mimosa flower. The mimosa flower is the national flower of women day and represents strength, power and femininity. Thirdly, I used lightening bolts because what better way to represent women and girls in sport then a silent force or nature that strikes out of no where. Last but not least, I used leopard print and small ornate details as a nod to my own design style. ❤

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